Carriage of goods by rail is the cheapest way of transportation; availability of railway siding ensures uninterrupted and smooth work of plants and raise of their profitability. Moreover, the cost of rail served plots is several times higher than that of those without approaching lines.

At the same time there exists a firm business stereotype associated with complexity and expensiveness of construction of railway sidings. Below are the roots of such a stereotype:

 The first reason is the complexity of coordination and approval of railway siding construction by the Russian Railways institutions and other authorities (coordination may last for years and expenses related to such coordination and additional works associated with performance of technical requirements of the Railways often exceeds the cost of siding construction).

 Another reason lies in the fact that construction of industrial objects is usually the responsibility of general constructors and general designers, unfamiliar with peculiarities of railways construction. Such incompetence frightens and deters them. All the more so as the railroaders do not give simple and understandable explanations.

 One more reason may be delayed viewing of the matters concerning railway sidings construction, which often results in unreasonable expenses incurred for their construction and frustrates their investments potential (as a rule, it has to do with inconvenient location of the object against the connection station since the problem is approached only at the stage of communication routes designing only, i.e. following the purchase of plot when situation may not be changed).

 And at last the client is often scared away by the total cost of railway siding construction (1-kilometer track costs approximately 12-25 million rubles. However, if compared with transportation costs of the company for motor transportation, construction of railroads is easily repaid in 1-5 years in most cases with further cost savings in transportation expenses!).

All the above facts happen in railway construction practice. But yet the high level of the investors awareness, timely approaching to the matter and participation of an experienced partner make railway siding construction a feasible and economically attractive task.

Thereupon, in this section we offer our potential investors some portion of initial data required for preliminary review of siding construction. You can get more detailed information from our specialist or upon personal meeting.