Installation of railway crossings is necessary at places of grade crossings of railway lines with highways and pedestrian paths in order to provide safe and uninterrupted traffic. Installation of a railway crossing is based upon bringing out of the rail top on the same level with the highway or pedestrian path surface. Depending upon the category the crossing may be additionally equipped with traffic lights, turnpikes, alarm bells and crossing blocking devices. 

Different materials may be used for installation of a railway crossing: concrete; rubber, reinforced concrete and rubber-concrete plates; composite materials. Selection of materials mainly depends upon the type of the crossing and its operating conditions.

 Access railway crossing within the territory of the plant may be made of concrete or reinforced concrete plates.  It will be an optimum and economic solution with a low traffic volume crossing.  

Rubber-concrete flooring and rubber-cord crossing systems are more appropriate for construction of crossing of railway lines with a highway. Flexible material of such flooring absorbs mechanical vibrations caused by moving vehicles. Vibration energy is absorbed along the entire surface, which protects the main concrete plate and rail fixtures form deformation and destruction.

Any existing constructions and materials for installation of a railway crossing are available at OOO Stroycomplect-2 (Limited Liability Company). The crossing may be additionally equipped with various signaling devices in order to ensure traffic safety.

The company ensures construction of a safe and equipped railway crossing as well as coordination of railway crossing construction with railways and local authorities in the course of construction works.