Railroad-base construction is a part of railways construction and implies building of structures and facilities of the railways infrastructure.

Such facilities include various constructions and buildings meant for train maintenance, railway employees maintaining, traffic safety and other constructions.  Railroad-base constructions include nearly every facility associated with railways: railway stations and sheds, foot bridges and passenger platforms, wage scales, elevated tracks, loading and unloading sidings and constructions and many others.

It is extremely important that the company designing the track and functioning in the capacity of a subcontractor undertook the responsibility for designing and construction of railroad-base structures. Otherwise the process of designing and construction will be disproportionately complicated, commissioning the track being awkward and unprofitable.

Construction of railroad-base buildings and structures is an integral part of specialization and experience of our company. We know how to compose the required design structure of railroad-base constructions, build such constructions and put them into operation in time and free from any extra expenditures.