Railways construction is one of the most important items in the list of services performed by our company. We arrange all and any works required for railway construction beginning with offset of communications outside construction zone or protection thereof within the construction site:

 Digging works, including blading fill materials or cutting, earth moving along the field of operations, leveling, sealing (punning) and draining of the future road bed (diverting of ground water, etc.), when necessary.

 Installation of engineering structures (laying of pipe-culverts, gutters, underpasses).             See more >>>

 Laying of track superstructure, including formation of a ballast section, laying of rail seat (sleepers), laying, fixing and connection of rails, laying of switches and fixed crossings of all types.

 Ballasting and surfacing of track.

 Installation of railway crossings. See more >>>

 Interlocking of tracks and power switches, installation of automatic control at railway crossings, installation of power switches snow-removing systems.

 Reconstruction of an overhead system.

 Construction of buildings, structures, platforms and elevated tracks. See more >>>

The works are carried out in strict compliance with all the requirements for safety, efficiency, durability and quality of the track under construction. Quality of construction works carried out by our company is confirmed by the 3-year warranty for construction of a new railway track.

An obligatory lock-up stage of construction of a new railway track carried out by Stroycomplect-2 is putting the track into operation. Commissioning certificate is signed by the committee, representatives of the customer, Federal Railway Transport Agency and representatives of the connecting infrastructure.