Consulting services is the initial stage of railways construction project.

Consulting, also known as design engineering, is a process carried out at the initial phases of development of communication routes for the client. Purpose of this process is to determine approximate costs of the potential project, period of its completion; bring to the attention of the client all the details, peculiarities and aspects of the upcoming works. In the course of interaction with the client we work out the financial and technical image of the future project.

At this stage, provided that location of the facility is already selected, we evaluate the cost of the required railway construction works including digging works, laying of track superstructure, erection of engineering structures, railway base construction, flooring of railway crossings; and prepare preliminary estimates for the project.

Apart from preliminary estimation economists of our company may calculate railway operational costs associated with its maintenance and necessary repair at the stage of consulting. Having prepared technological presentation of future railroad our specialists may draw a complete technical and economic feasibility report for the project.  

It is worth mentioning that our consulting services may be at most valuable and essential at the stage of plant planning when its location is not yet determined. The reason is that improper in terms of railways and landscape location may result in unreasonable expenses at the stage of railway siding construction or even make the construction impossible. To minimize expenses associated with railway siding construction our company can render consulting services concerning the selection of site, which is conveniently located in view of railway infrastructure.