Designing, as a part of railway construction, includes all and any activities related to engineering development of the future railway track: finding of site location, its connection to the existing railway lines, determination of digging works scope, planning of phases of railway siding construction. 

Railway designing process starts with pre-design preparations. Pre-design works include topographical survey. Topographical survey and sampling are meant for accumulation of data required for technical plan development.

Digging works, track superstructure, railway constructions, drainage systems and bridges, crossings with railway tracks, highways and pedestrian paths are to be planned at this stage of construction. Necessary materials are selected and detailed architectural and engineering plans are developed at this stage as well.  

Railway track designing stage also includes working out of technical plans and financial construction planning as well as approval of all plans and projects at governmental institutions of different levels.

It should be borne in mind that some of the projects will not be approved because of inflexibility of the railways authorities. And it is even more difficult to bring the project to completion. That is why we strongly recommend applying to a competent and experienced company for designing of a railway construction project. Remember that executable character of the project is the principal criteria of railway designing quality.

Our company holds a license for execution of topographical surveys and design works. Designing is the priority of the employees having a great experience of working in railway transportation design institutes. Our company is also engaged into approval of the project at different levels, development and execution of track certificate and instructions. Possibility of execution of the entire scope of construction works including track start-up ensures quality of the project completed by our company.