Railway track maintenance implies regular control over condition of the track and constructions, malfunction preventive works and faults elimination. Proper approach towards railway track maintenance ensures continuous operation of railway track and constructions.

General railway track maintenance includes the following works: replacement of defective sleepers, switch sleepers, rail joints elements, sidewise and lateral adjustment of track and power switches, elimination of track width deviations, flattening and adjustment of rail gaps, trimming of ballast section, maintenance of railway crossings, bumping posts, removal of snow from power switches, adjustment of tracks in frost boil zones, etc.

Maintenance of roadbed includes inspection of slopes, fortifying, protecting structures and gutter ways, drainage systems, cleaning of access gulley dirt traps, cleaning of ditches, gutters, planning of sidelines and elimination of slipouts from hill ditches, slopes, embankments and cavities. Adjustment of track grading at places of frost boil zones of roadbed in winter including placing of rails on wood or plywood laying.

When signing a contract for railway siding maintenance OOO Stroycomplect-2 (Limited Liability Company) undertakes to represent the owners of the railway lines before the railways authorities and participate in commission inspections of tracks, constructions and equipment in order to provide good condition of the track, safety and uninterrupted traffic.  The company provides the owners of railway lines with a monthly report concerning the completed works at the end of each calendar month.